First Merit Bank

First Merit Bank is based out of Akron, Ohio. They are in the top 50 biggest banks in the United States with over 400 locations spread across 4 states including Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Pennsylvania. First Merit Bank specializes in banking, financial services, and investment services.

First Merit Bank Routing Number


First Merit Bank routing number consist of 9 digits and they use only one routing number / ABA number for all First Merit accounts. Considering they are only located in 4 states that are pretty close in proximity, they are able to offer just 1 number unlike other banks where they offer many routing numbers for each geo location.

Your routing number can be found in a few places that can easily be obtained. By far, the easiest place to look is on your check, issued by First Merit. Look on the bottom of your check, you will see three sets of numbers. The first set of numbers furthest to the left is your routing number. Example below.


First Merit Routing Number


You can also go to First Merit where they list their routing number for the convenience of their customers. You will most likely be in need of your routing number when you need to make a direct deposit with your employer or a domestic wire. You will also need to know if the case you need to order more checks.

Download a First Merit Direct Deposit Request Form - In order for your employer to make direct deposits, you will need to fill out this form and hand it to them.

For all other question, call 800-824-1731 for customer service.